On self-imposed abstinence

Today, I finally did something I’ve not done in ages! The family had gone to bed, and I broke the chains of self-imposed abstinence, and sneaked in. I didn’t dare switch on the lights, for fear of waking the others. I tip-toed towards temptation. In a jiffy, I opened and shut, the box (dabba), grabbed a handful of murukku and bakarwadi, and ran back into my room. Aaaahhh…a midnight feast. After ages!! Yummmmmmy!!!!


7 thoughts on “On self-imposed abstinence

  1. Hey Karan,
    Welcome to my blog 🙂 Feels absolutely great to have a sneak feast. Did it again a couple of days back, with some croissant bought by BIL for his nephew 😉

    Oh don’t worry buddy. Why don’t u make it yourself? Its damn easy.


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