Purani jeans…

7 weeks of holiday in Chennai! Wow!! Lots of plans to have fun with family and friends!

With almost half my holiday now over, I am still trying to settle down into a daily routine. Forget about meeting friends, I haven’t even been able to talk to anyone, thanks to a terribly sore throat!

Last night was a normal night…my toddler son trying to maul his hero (elder cousin brother), the womenfolk (humph…includes me) trying to get everyone to complete the chore called ‘dinner’. All this, amidst two the din of two TVs, one blaring a despicable (read: popular) soap, and the other, a nonsensical (read: more popular!) cartoon.

Then, something on the TV caught my attention. It was the ‘Purani Jeans…’ advertisement for Mastercard. And brought back a flood, nay, a small stream (for lack of time!!), of special memories….


….Waking up at the unearthly hour of 6 am (;-)) to attend the Yoga classes. I remember the instructor walking around, nudging us (quite rudely!!) out of our sleep during ‘Shav Asan’.

….Nodding…absolutely nodding off…to the most boring guest lectures by bigwigs from the industry, who, I believe, mostly just happened to get lucky!

….Going for hot cups of cappucino, at the dark, shady and dingy Bourgeois Cafe in Pune. And when we reached there at midnight, we would find many of our classmates also lurking around!!

….Huddling together for group studies, where again, we would end up taking a good nap.


Interestingly, down South (of India), ‘Purani Jeans..‘ wasn’t a very famous ‘college-time-song’. I guess its more of a ‘North Indian’ thingy. Nevertheless, I enjoyed those few minutes reliving the good old days. I hope you do too!


7 thoughts on “Purani jeans…

  1. hmmm..haven’t heard this purani jeans! that proves i am from the ignorant south i presume :). but i know what you mean. anything – a smell, a melody, a fleeting glimpse – can wake up nostalgia.

  2. Hey SMM,
    Great to hear that. I am from SCMHRD, earlier used to be in Model colony. But I’ve passed by Law School several times. Oh Pune, that beautiful tree-lined city!! Heard its changed quite a lot now…like any other metro…a lot of traffic and crowd.

    Well said! Do click on the link to hear the song. It will touch you in several ways!

    We’re having a good time…talk to u soon!

  3. It was, was it ? Mebbe for the heppppp boys and gals. I swear I hadn’t heard it until I did my MBA. And that wasn’t in Chennai!!

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