We watched Aegan last night. Like hubby says, “How ever did they manage to copy a good movie like ‘Main Hoon Na’ and turn it into so much crap?!!!”

Nevertheless, I found it was good time-pass. For one, it was the first movie hubby and I were going to, in almost 3 years!! Secondly, the hip-hop music wasn’t bad, and actress Nayantara looked drop-dead-gorgeous. Ignore the (fl)ab and puffy eyes and actor Ajith Kumar still looks handsome.

The movie did bring out a few laughs. In fact, the downright silliness of some scenes (like the hero frightening away a angry mob of armed rowdies, with a simple stare!!) was almost as funny as the really-intended comedy scenes.

On the whole, I’d say, if you have nothing else to do, and want some time pass, watch ‘Aegan’!


5 thoughts on “Aegan

  1. Umm.. u actually paid money to watch that movie.. I heard it was so bad, that most people walked out in 25 mins ??:)
    But if someone gives me a dvd, I will definitely watch.. atleast for the unintentional laughs 😀

  2. I actually paid Rs.120 * 2 to watch the movie!! Honestly, I won’t call it a ‘complete’ waste. A ‘partial’ waste would be more like it 😉

  3. Dear Team ,

    Why Mr ajith is not getting into good movies? dissatisfied about his acting .

    i think he is changing story for his wish and making film blade for some scene. and making whole film to be slow.

    pl avoid unnecessary dialogues I am back………. for how many flims we ll expect u to be back in good movies?

    i dont think ajith ll change. he ll always say i am back….. but he wont give long run movies………….

    kindly give us some good flicks and change ur character mr ajith……………

    get into some acting flims like god father..and billa..

    mokkaaaaaa Aegan. no acting scene in that flim. no scene is impressed to us.. we feel sad about the movie……

    commerially hit but not satisfied ur fans…

    kindly review and get into good movie. We need some good Songs ,DANCE. Some Thrill in the movie. we dont need movies like Curd rice alone….

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