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At home for Diwali

As always, we booked our air tickets (to Chennai) at the very last minute. Then, we moved about like we’d completed our board exams. Until, the travel agent called to say the booking was not actually done. So we had to re-book. For a date that was a week in advance! And via Bangalore. All right! As long as we get home in time for Diwali!

So we reach a week earlier. We are all excited to meet our relatives, and have fun planning our shopping and activities for the festival. We fight with all our might, against the strong army of mosquitoes. But we finally succumb. On Deepavali, we lie in bed, drained by fever/cough and cold.

We now wait for Karthigai, to burst the crackers we had fondly bought a week earlier.

2 replies on “At home for Diwali”

Well, Im still Jealous.. Deepavalli in Chennai.. i was lying in bed with a cold in US.. so I’ll switch places anyday :)!! Happy Belated Diwali and hope u have a loud karthigai :)!

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