Body and soul

I look around. Nobody is watching. The husband is busy at the computer. The baby is engrossed with a toy-train.

I walk surreptitiously to the corner of the room, and gently climb onto it. My heart is in my mouth as I slowly bend forwards. I inhale, and exhale. And exhale more, so that I can feel the vacuum within me.

I stand still. In perfect harmony. Body and soul are in tune.

My eyes are fixed. Now they squint. Then they frown.

The scales are still at 90 😦

I am very depressed. Can I have another ice-cream please??


9 thoughts on “Body and soul

  1. Am off ice-cream. Don’t know which milk they’re making it with now-a-days.
    However a cold coffee with lots of chocolate chips in it …. hmmmm yummy

  2. reading this reminded me of the ad where the lady slowly lifts one leg to see if she weighs any less! can so totally relate to the sentiment!! 🙂

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