Just posted this as a comment on another blog, and decided to Ctrl C ctrl V it here, unfortunately I Ctrl-C’d something else, so re-typing it.

‘I remember the first time i was introduced to hubby’s colleague. She tries to kiss me (yuck!) – it lands in the air near my ears, though I am quite certain she meant to plant it on my cheek. Then she holds my hands and says effusively, “Its absolutely wonderful to meet you!!”. I am still recovering from the shock…and say…”…um…(amidst glares from hubby)…oh (again!)…thank you…thank you…”. She laughs it off. And walks away. Never to meet me again.

Now, after having spent a few years spent in this country, when I am introduced to anyone, I am the first to say , “Its lovely to meet you”. The firangs reply, “Oh the pleasure is all mine!”. Then I say the same to my countrymen (just for the kick of it) – they stare for full three seconds, then nod and smile. And nod again. And turn to their hubby!

And I giggle silently.


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