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Small un-e-verse

Beware of the rant…..

Well well well, we live in a small world. Every other person I know on the internet is connected to someone else I don’t know, who is actually a friend of someone I know. I find old schoolmates, long forgotten ones, ones whom I had admired, ones whom I avoided or was avoided by! I am often tempted to leave a message for them, a casual message, but then the clock (hangs like Damocles’ sword!) keeps ticking, reminding me how little time there is, and how many chores there are to do.

Like doing the dishes for example. The kitchen sink is sparkling clean in the morning. Then a spoon falls in (Ting!), followed by a plate or a cup (Clang!). Then a few mugs (Dang!) that once contained strong coffee (not filter, I’m too lazy for that!). By noon, the sink still looks quite empty. In a couple of hours, more utensils (Ting! Clang!), more plates (Clang! Clang!), more cups (Dang! Dang!!), and somehow, by nightfall, there’s a little mountain out there. Mums would be horrified, and MILs would be vindicated 😉 They always knew this girl didn’t know a thing! And I don’t care, I mean, about the pile of dishes. Because I am having far too much fun Ryzing. Until…. Clang! Ting! Clang! Dang! Crash….ooops, looks like there’s been a landslide in the kitchen sink!

Cheerio! (Or, Chore-io!)