Smells and more.

I have this bad habit of smelling. Wait! I only meant, I like to smell a variety of things… food, flowers, etc., etc. Flowers, for example. The last time a friend gave me a pretty bouquet of flowers, I breathed in deeply, and smiled graciously. My friend looked at me … oddly. I finally realized the flowers were of the non-smelling variety. Anyway!

As for the stranger smells that I like, petrol is definitely one of them. When we stop to fill the tank (of course in the pre-Lehman-collapse days), I simply love to inhale-exhale-inhale-exhale, for the smell of petrol charges my senses!

I also love the fragranced baby-wipes. Have the mums and dads here tried it? Mmmmm  …  they (the wipes) smell so wonderful, that cleaning up your baby becomes a pleasurable experience. Except, when you have just finished wiping the silky-soft bottoms, and a tiny hand reaches out to yank the tissue paper. And before you can say “Jack Robinson” (I would rather say “Jack Nicholson” – for his very apt line: “You can’t handle the truth!”), the entire room is covered with some brown stuff, which is far from being fragrant. It smells, indeed!

I wonder how some people (at work, mostly) always manage to smell good. They walk into a room, well-shaven and fresh, and a wonderfully strong male fragrance hypnotises you! So also with women. They walk past you, and the lovely smell lingers on, forcing you to take your eyes off the computer (or your colleague’s legs underneath). Always makes me wonder… haven’t they bathed today?

Another thing that I find pleasantly elegant – are the fragrant facial wipes. I used to keep a pack in my handbag. It was just the other day, when a group of friends and I were enjoying a late-night walk. It got a little sweaty as we panted uphill. So the “new and elite me” opened my bag and reached for the small packet of fragrant tissue papers. Darn! I couldn’t find it. I dug deeper into the bag, but all I found were some old grocery bills, and even older sweet-wrappers. Then someone helped me with a flashlight. While I stood there perspiring, the tissue-papers finally emerged. Pretty as can be. A very light shade of cream, with lovely pink flowers, and subtle green leaves. The fragrance spread over to the entire group of friends. One of two of them turned around. I smiled a victorious smile.

“Move along, buddy!! Do you want to stay here all night?!” they screamed. “The boors” I cursed. “Wait till you see this!”, I thought. I pulled out two sheets from the packet, and dabbed my face and neck with it. Oh! The smell was absolutely feminine…almost divine! “Now they’ll know!” I thought, as I victoriously marched ahead of the pack. “Hey, wait!” someone called. I turned around elegantly. “Hee..hee…heee…ha…ha…ohhh…huh…ohhh…” came the giggles and guffaws. “Why are the boors laughing?!” I wondered. My boyfriend quickly pulled me aside. “What’s on your face, Pavi?” he asked. And quickly wiped the bits and pieces of tissue-paper off my face and neck.

Since that day, I always carry a handkerchief (p.s – they do sell decent handkerchief perfumes, if you are interested!).


So come on now, enough reading. Share your favourite smells on this post.


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