(Inspired by posts from Meredith and pragya on S&Co., Ryze network)

Its been a long day. The TV plays something I don’t hear. I sit at the computer and type. Words that don’t make much sense (though I’m trying hard). All I want now is for Time to stretch, as I have so much more to do. Cook, clean, write, etc. etc. It suddenly hits me that I’m tired. The flesh is indeed weak! But the spirit ?? This comes as a shock – even to myself – that I’m ageing, when I’ve crossed only even half my life!

And then, in the background, my ears suddenly catch, soft strains of music. The familiar lullaby that my baby is falling off to sleep with. A lullaby about ‘twinkling little stars’. The music is soothing, restful…and heavenly.

If only for a few moments, the creases on my forehead fade away. I am a child myself. A child, with no worries, no fears, no plans. A child, drifting off into a deep, restful silence. Far, far away from the madding world.

Then, the tape ends.


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