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Success follows the successful (Big B’s blog)

The reason I’m writing about his blog today is, I’m still trying to figure out what makes a blog popular.

Now, Big B’s blog is not a fascinating piece of writing. It is interesting, not gripping. One point in its favour is the fact that it reads terribly “genuine”. And Big B actually replies to some of the comments. Which is quite gratifying. considering he is “Tussi Great Ho” ! However, it is very ordinary, in terms of style, language and content (ofcourse, that is debatable, for his itinerary might interest me, and not you!). Yet, there are hundreds of comments on his posts, from fans across the world! So you see, he doesn’t have to TRY to be a successful blogger. Which is why the saying goes: Success follows the successful”.

Okay then! Got to go now …. I have to think of some “noticable comment” to write on Big B’s blog ;-)))