Book review

The Client – John Grisham

We bought this novel at the airport 2 years back, and it just lay in the cupboard, until last week, when I finally decided to clean up the room in anticipation of visitors.

In a nutshell, “The Client” is about a 11-year-old boy (Mark) who, along with his brother, accidentally witness a suicide. The person commiting the suicide reveals a very dark secret related to the Mafia, before he dies. Mark makes an anonymous call to the police, to inform them about the dead man, but he somehow gets caught in the mess. He’s a smooth liar, but even he cannot keep the police/FBI at bay.

With Mark’s brother slipping into a state of shock and his mother losing her job while taking care of the child in hospital, the police and the mafia are both after Mark’s blood, one trying to make him spill the beans, and the other, doing exactly the opposite. Mark fortunately finds a good lawyer to protect him, and a sane judge who remands him to juvenile detention centre until the time he agrees to speak the truth. The boy however, makes his escape from the centre. And…

For what happens next, do read the novel. Its gripping, and you won’t want to put it down. Unless you have to attend Nature’s call 😉 Or you have to cook dinner or something like that ! And if its the latter, check out my time-saving recipies at and spend more time on the book instead.

Caution – Since the book is about a 11-year old, sentimental mothers (like me) might have anxiety attacks. Still, a worthwhile read.

So, what do you think?

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