Famous blogs

I open my blog and am THRILLED to see that sole comment on a story I’d written painstakingly (albeit hurriedly, in the couple of hours I could spare). Then I surf around other blog sites and related blogrolls. And scroll down to the “comments” section, only to realise there are about 50-60 comments, (sometimes, even a 100+ !). Then, I chanced upon Big B’s blog yesterday (http://blogs.bigadda.com/ab/). I must confess there was absolutely nothing fascinating in his posts – it was like a diary of what he did/when/where/etc. Can you guess how many comments “he” got per post ? 350+ to 500+ !!

So what makes a blog famous ?

– The blogger is a famous personality (for eg., Big B or any of the celebrity Khans, or a writer perhaps)

– The blog supports an important social cause (eg., Unchaahi)

– Interesting fiction, with an ethnic touch

– Exceptional self-deprecating humour (or humour on one’s lifestyle/race/culture/etc).

– Travelogue

– Negative publicity (there’s this guy/girl who writes crap about life in Chennai. I don’t want to name him only because he doesn’t deserve any more publicity than he already has).

– A good network of friends in Blogosphere.

– OR just exceptional writing skills !!

From all this, I finally realise – the blog must have a USP – a Unique Selling Proposition. Something to entice readers to visit the blog and identify with what you have to say.

Realisation is half the battle won. Hopefully, I’ll devote more time to my blog now.

Any tips, people – On the USP for my blog ?


5 thoughts on “Famous blogs

  1. Hi Pallavi,

    I do read your blogs often.I got to know through one of my friend.You seem to be very keen to know about the USP of your blog and trying hard to find a way to make your blog as popular as Big B’s blog. I would say ur blog gives good review of some famous novels and u do tell your experiences on different things. But what I feel blogs can become more entertaining when it contains experinces of people or with thier feelings,emotions and with little bit of yourself into it.Because many of us dont share them openly, this would pique peoples interest. Politically correct blogs attract least attention!

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