On Teacher’s Day

To my teachers….
“If I can stand up to the world,
And speak out my mind.
If I am someone today,
And one of a kind,

It is all
Despite you”.
(I’m really sorry to be such a wet blanket. I’ve mostly had bad teachers at school/college – ones who played favourites and ones who humiliated – that I never celebrate Teacher’s Day! Its a pity that there are a lot of irresponsible and frustrated people who hold this noble profession).


3 thoughts on “On Teacher’s Day

  1. it’s indeed unfortunate that many irresposnsible’ and ‘frustrated’ people take up this profession these days… but didnt you come across even one teacher at school/college who touched your life?

  2. Okay, maybe I was too harsh, but it was a spontaneous poem (like Wordsworth, you know ;-)).

    I know there are some good teachers, who really like their profession and are good at it. And, I did like a couple of my teachers (English teacher (Ms.A prabhu), Hindi teacher (Ms.J Bala), my lower class teachers (Mrs.Joyce), the ever-dignified Mrs.Angela, immensely.

    But MOST of the teachers I’ve known either bullied, sullied, victimised (not just me), or just didn’t leave a mark, if you know what I mean! I know of teachers who made racial remarks (and sometimes, personal remarks too) in class! Can you believe that?!

    I just hope there are better teachers in the days to come. May the younger generations give rise to more understanding and responsible teachers.


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