I yearn…(Rotten poem#6)

I yearn
As I hear your voice.
The sweetness in your welcome,
the affirmation in your tone,

Make me believe.

That I will be cared for,
That my plea will not go unheard,
That my desire will be granted.
That better days await me,

As I wait for you.

To give me a sign,
An acknowledgement,
A confirmation if you please,
That you will send an emissary,


To fix my washing-machine.

But all I hear is, your sweet
“Please hold the line,
Your call is important to us”.

I still yearn….


(With all due respect, I’ve seen a lot of poems categorised as “free verse poetry” by the authors. I have to admit I am not a fan of this form of poetry, as it seems like an easy escape from rhyme and/or reason. Anyway, it was fun attempting this).

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