Incidents Poem Short story

Hemmingway challenge

My attempts at 7-word stories/poems/etc.


Artful coats of paint. Beauty contest won.


Innocence and cunning rolled into one. Children !!


‘Voice of India’ drowns, in silence.

‘Voice of India’ drowns, swan song unheard.

*** (God bless Ishmeet’s soul and his family).


P.S. : My deepest apologies for writing the above and torturing innocent readers like you. Its just that my keyboard is rusting, and I had to write something to keep us (keyboard and I) in working condition !!!)

Poem Thought and Reason

Thoughts on another planet.

Caveman from a distant planet,
Gapes at ‘civilized’, turbulent Earth.
And chooses to remain, a noble savage!


(P.S: In case you are wondering why I wrote this: The fortnightly writing exercise on S&Co. was on Life on newly discovered planet, Creon. Since there were so many brilliant entries to the contest, I dared not compete with them, and decided to only write down the gist of my thoughts, and what better format, than Haiku !!)


Company (More n more haiku)

The child sees his reflection,

And claps with glee,

Thrilled to have company !


Baby’s Wash-time (More Haiku)

Clothes he takes off,

Door he opens,

And climbs into the washing machine!!


My first Haiku

(For my most naughty and adorable toddler, Rishi.)

Baby’s sleep-time

Its time to say “Good Night”.
A tiny arm reaches up to me,
And pats me to sleep.