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Mera naam chin-chin-chu

“Do you like Chinese”, I asked our guests last weekend. “Of course”, replied the guy, “they’re very pretty”.

His wife simmered in silence, while we offered them a hot Chinese meal instead of a traditional South Indian one.

I present to you, a quick and easy guide to a Chinese meal.

1) For starters, garlic bread slices, that you can top with mozarella cheese, tomato and onion and bake until golden brown. Did someone mention this is Italian and not Chinese ? Well, this is my key-board !

2) Ready-made tomato and basil soup, that you can customise by adding sweetcorn and croutons.

3) The main course- Chinese fried rice – Saute chopped onions/spring onions, add lots of finely chopped vegetables (carrot,beans,cabbage,capsicum), some pepper,aji-no-moto and salt, soya sauce and vinegar. Add cooked basmati-rice, stir and voila, its ready !!

4) Anyone heard of “Bread-Manchurian” ? Actually, I was supposed to make Cauliflower Manchurian, but a visit to the grocery store resulted, as always, in us buying everything, but the cauliflower ! So I replaced it with bread. The guests were of couse very polite. “Its different”, said the adventurous guy, and graciously accepted a second and third serving ! “I’m quite full already”, pipped the risk-averse girl.

5) The dessert was absolute heaven though. Chocolate fudge cake, warmed until the chocolate had melted slightly, and decorated with sliced strawberries.

So there you go, a “different” meal, with minimum effort.

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