April is the cruellest month

An attempt at poetry…

Caferati subject: April is the cruellest month

Little tyrants set free,
Caushing havoc where they go.
Grabbing all that meets the eye,
Demanding to the core.

Turning life upside down,
Leaving nothing in its place.
Stealing food and breaking pots,
Moving at a whirlwind’s pace.

For April’s when the schools close,
A well-deserved break for all.
This cruellest month of the year,
But in this chaos, do we have a ball !

Food and recipe

Mera naam chin-chin-chu

“Do you like Chinese”, I asked our guests last weekend. “Of course”, replied the guy, “they’re very pretty”.

His wife simmered in silence, while we offered them a hot Chinese meal instead of a traditional South Indian one.

I present to you, a quick and easy guide to a Chinese meal.

1) For starters, garlic bread slices, that you can top with mozarella cheese, tomato and onion and bake until golden brown. Did someone mention this is Italian and not Chinese ? Well, this is my key-board !

2) Ready-made tomato and basil soup, that you can customise by adding sweetcorn and croutons.

3) The main course- Chinese fried rice – Saute chopped onions/spring onions, add lots of finely chopped vegetables (carrot,beans,cabbage,capsicum), some pepper,aji-no-moto and salt, soya sauce and vinegar. Add cooked basmati-rice, stir and voila, its ready !!

4) Anyone heard of “Bread-Manchurian” ? Actually, I was supposed to make Cauliflower Manchurian, but a visit to the grocery store resulted, as always, in us buying everything, but the cauliflower ! So I replaced it with bread. The guests were of couse very polite. “Its different”, said the adventurous guy, and graciously accepted a second and third serving ! “I’m quite full already”, pipped the risk-averse girl.

5) The dessert was absolute heaven though. Chocolate fudge cake, warmed until the chocolate had melted slightly, and decorated with sliced strawberries.

So there you go, a “different” meal, with minimum effort.

Thought and Reason

Growing up a female in India

Original post by Roop Rai (
“What would you say your experience was growing up in a society where fathers rarely enter the kitchen? Did it impact you to make you emulate what your mothers did or did you outrightly reject it or have you paved a path of your own?”

My response:
Someone asked: When we have a Women’s day, Mother’s day, etc. , why not an International Men’s day ? Well, we already are. “Every single day of the year”! Indian men are possibly, the most pampered species on this planet. And I completely agree with someone who said, women are women’s worst enemy.

I have had quite a cultural shock over the last few years, where I have seen “women waiting upon men”.

I had an experience, when I drank coffee before my husband did, and while he didn’t mind in the least, atleast 2 women in the house reminded me four times in five minutes about getting his tea ready!

The older generation still influence the present. What with all those mothers who think their “Abhishek Bachan” sons have erred by marrying an “average girl” ?! And what with the mothers who train their daughters to be doormats ? Unfortunately, while the women do not mind their husbands giving a hand with the household chores, they certainly cannot see their sons helping their wives. This is by far, the typical Indian family. We are plain lucky, if our families are different !!

I agree that men must be pampered, as they do bear the responsibility of heading the family. However, women need to be appreciated just the same, as they are in-charge of “internal affairs”. And I have seen this happening in most nuclear families.

And my final theory is “Gender equality will come about because of inflation”. 😉

Men and women will both need to work to support a home, and therefore, women will become more confident to want more out of life. And the men will either support it, or atleast not suppress the women.