Short story Thought and Reason

The art of giving

A day after a wedding in the family…The hustle-bustle of the preceeding couple of days was over, and life looked somewhere near normal. The maid-servant had not turned up. “Typical Indian behaviour”.. commented one of the esteemed NRI guests. “Yes..yes..these maids are all the same.. no matter how much you give them, they still don’t want to work a little extra on days like these, when we most need them”, said the lady of the house, tired with mopping the floor.

That evening, the door bell rang. It was her. The lady asked “What happened to you ? Didn’t turn up!”. The girl looked a little ashamed, and said “Sorry madam, I couldn’t find the way to the wedding hall yesterday, so I couldn’t come. Just wanted to hand over this gift for the bride”. She gave a little plastic bag, containing a small cardboard box, and went away.

That night, the family sat down together excitedly, to open the gifts. Pots, pans, wall clocks, tea-sets, cash, gold earrings…they were all there… and a small cardboard box in a crumpled plastic bag. They opened it, and found a beautiful silver Ganesha.

They would have normally commented “that’s a lovely gift”. In this case, they said nothing. It was simply over-whelming. The beauty of the giver and the greatness in the action that is “giving”, were reflected in that gift.

To give, having money alone is not sufficient.. one needs a big, generous heart.

My mother has this saying framed in her house,

“When You let me receive, I am grateful. When You let me give, I am blessed”.