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Kya Story Hai !

Baby went to sleep early today, so I switched on the TV – Star Gold channel, and I am regretting it ever since. The movie: Kya Love Story Hai. The same old story…boy, girl, another boy, and a love triangle. Unfortunately, I can’t specify if it was a love triangle or a quadrangle (depending on the number of people who joined the circus), as I just couldn’t watch beyond the first 20 minutes. The names.. OMG.. HOW can somebody’s name be “Rocky” ?! And all that these kids do, is party and bail each other out of their love tangles !! Oh, the co-hero by the way, delivers a lecture in Hindi, to a group of foreign students ! The only saving grace however, is that the comedy ends in 3 hours time. BTW, Ayesha Takia is really cute, despite her hairstyle reminding me of a pet pup.

What goes beyond all tolerance is Ekta Kapoor’s endless soaps, that are so full of crap. I find it so difficult to digest, how the characters wallow in their self-created problems for years together. The men are like Knights at the round table..almost always seated and worried about the misfortune that has befallen the “parivaar”. And the women, how do they manage to wear bejewelled saris, matching chandelier earrings, and perfect make-up even in the saddest of moments ?! Their only goal in life seems to be to beat each other at the complicated games they create to waste the audience’s time. I think the entire Balaji team needs to spend a month in an average middle-class family, to really see what goes on… how people struggle to make ends meet, how hard the parents work, how competitive the children are at school, and in a nutshell, how an average “parivaar” combats each day at a time. Of course its entertaining to watch a beautifully decked “Parvati bhabhi” (who should actually be “Parvati dadi”) or a self-sacrificing “Tulsi Ma” rectify the faults in the members of their family. What we need to see, is real problems faced by real people, and how they overcome them. We need to see the simple joys that people have in their daily life.. like reaching the bus-stop just in time to catch an empty bus. I guess this will touch the heart of the common man.

I plead to Ekta, to watch movies like ‘Mozhi’ and ‘Taare Zameen Par’. Please give the audience something that will touch their heart… something that they can really take home !

6 replies on “Kya Story Hai !”

anything makes money = good.
and even you manage to see the whole movie(no?);)) and

what contrast from the man at home.!;) whoz great attitude to watch whatever.;D)

Oh yes well said Pallavi… I did watch that movie and views couldnt be better expressed than yours…

about KEKTA KAPOOR’s serials…
I am still wondering about who are her audience she says I dont make movies for malabar hill I make for middle class housewives. what makes her things Middle class are waiting and yearning for the supreme bahu image, amnesia, facial plastic surgery and not to forget extra martial affairs or multiple spouses,(if i may say so and it makes sense..)

really pallavi i wonder how people can watch such daily soaps from almost 7 in evening till 11 most of them is female population. the jewellery,sarees shown in these serials can middle class family afford it?

Trash that sells? They said the same thing when they made bad quality movies, but see how much better the movies are doing now when they are making better movies…I am sure eventually our TV will also evolve and then we will be able to watch TV…for more than just News (and right now they make news also sensational).

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